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For over 40 years, CMP, P.C. has been serving the community of Logan, Utah. What started out as a small operation has grown to include two locations in Utah and is serving numerous clients every year.

After building their practice in Logan, Utah, CMP added a second office in Salt Lake City, Utah. Located in the Wasatch Front area of Utah, Salt Lake City is a bustling city full of lively business and community organizations. We focus on helping businesses, both large and small, build a financial foundation that can carry them into the future.

With many years of experience and a dedicated team of certified public accountants, CMP looks forward to serving the businesses of Logan and Salt Lake City, Utah for many more years to come. Whether you want to plan for your next location, expand your existing operation, plan for retirement, hire more employees, or plan for succession of your business, we are here to help.

Our success is based on the success of our business clients, and without their support and dedicated patronage, CMP would not have been able to expand into the Wasatch Front area of Utah to make an even greater impact beyond Logan. We knew there was more we could be doing to help business owners make the most of their opportunities and operations and Salt Lake City made sense as the second location of our public accounting firm.

Regardless of location, the team at CMP can help your business succeed. We understand what it takes to get a business financially secure, and we can help your business find success with a stable financial foundation. Whether you live in Logan, Salt Lake City, or the surrounding area of Wasatch Front, CMP is here to help.

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